Eggs & Such
Served with house-made home fries, buttered toast and jam

Eggs   (One) $3.00   (Two) $3.50   (Three) $4.00

Denver Omelette   $6.25

Two eggs, onion, green bell pepper, sausage

Western Omelette   $7.25

Two eggs, onion, green pepper, red bell pepper, ham

Spanish Omelette   $7.25

Two eggs, onion, potato, green pepper, tomato salsa

Greek Omelette   $7.25

Two eggs, feta, spinach, tomato

Vegetable Omelette   $6.75

Two eggs and fresh seasonal vegetables

"Everything" Omelette  $8.00

Two eggs and everything in but the kitchen sink

Eggs Benedict   $7.75

Two poached eggs, Canadian bacon, toasted English muffin topped with Hollandaise

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg Sandwich   $2.00

Two eggs served on a fresh roll
With cheddar cheese   $2.50
With meat (bacon, sausage or ham)   $3.50

Sausage and Biscuit   $3.00

Buttermilk biscuit and sausage patty

Nutella on Brioche   $4.00

With fresh sliced banana

From the Griddle

French Toast   $5.25

house made honey custard on brioche served with strawberry butter and maple syrup

Pancakes   (One) $2.50   (Two) $5.00

Add fruit   +$2.00
Add ham, sausage or bacon   +$1.50

From the Bakery

Fresh Baked Muffins (ask for availability)   $1.75

Bagel   $1.50

Add cream cheese   +$0.75


Breakfast Wrap   $4.50

Two scrambled eggs, potato, choice of meat, wrapped in a flour tortilla
With cheddar cheese   $5.00

Veggie Wrap   $4.00

Two scrambled eggs, red and green peppers, onion, potato, wrapped in flour tortilla

Corned Beef Wrap   $4.50

Two scrambled eggs, corned beef hash, wrapped in flour tortilla
With cheddar cheese   $5.00


French Toast   $4.00

Mangu(mashed plantains)   $4.50

With sautéed onions
Add salami   +$2.00
Add queso freir   +$2.00

Grapefruit   $2.50

Half of a fresh, ruby-red grapefruit

Greek yogurt   $3.00

Fresh Fruit Cup   $3.00

Sausage, Bacon or Ham   $2.25

Toast, Kaiser Roll   $0.75

English muffin   $1.75

Oatmeal   $2.75

Home Fries   $1.75

Corned Beef Hash   $3.00

House made corned beef with onions, spices and potatoes

Biscuits & Gravy

Two buttermilk biscuits smothered with house made sausage gravy   $5.75
One buttermilk biscuit with house made sausage gravy   $3.75