French Onion   $7.50

Sautéed sliced onions long simmered in rich beef stock, cognac, served classically with baguette and topped with Swiss or Emmentaler cheese

Soup of the day   $5.00

Zoila's special soup made fresh daily


Potato Skins   $7.50

Cheddar (or Pepper Jack) and bacon

Zoila's Canoas   $5.00

Sweet plantain "canoes" stuffed with ground meat

Zoila's Latin Sampler Plate   $8.50

Chicharrons de pollo, carnes de res, flautas

Carnes de Res   $8.00

Dominican beef stew over corn tortillas

Charcuterie Plate   $8.50

A chef's selection of prepared meats, from Italian hard salami, chorizo, cappicola, prosciutto, Dominican salami or mortadella, served with cornichons, stone ground mustard and baguette slices

Bay Scallops   $8.00

Sweet, tender bay scallops sautéed in butter and herbs, served on a scallop shell

Maduros   $4.00

Sweet plantains

Yucca (Cassava) Fries   $4.00

Sweet Potato Fries   $4.00

Drizzled with honey

Pastelón   $5.00

Dominican-style casserole with layers of sweet plantains, spiced ground beef, tomato sauce and cheese

Zoila's Nachos   $7.00

Deep-fried corn tortilla chips smothered in cheese and chili verde


Zoila's House Salad   $5.00

Fresh greens, tomatoes, avocado, white balsamic vinaigrette

Ceasar Salad   $8.00

Romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, garlic croutons
With chicken   $11.50
With shrimp   $13.00

Zoila's Winter Salad   $7.00

Fresh greens, roasted beets, Bosc pear and goat cheese medallions with honey balsamic vinaigrette

Specialty Sandwiches
Specialty sandwiches are served with a choice of french fries or chips

Grilled Flap Steak Sandwich   $9.00

Marinated, sliced steak, caramelized onions, chipotle mayo

Zoila Burger   $8.00

Certified Angus beef, fresh greens, chipotle mayo, tomato, blue cheese crumbles on a brioche roll

Zoila's Build a Burger   $6.00

Certified Angus beef prepared exactly the way you want
Add avocado, cheddar or American cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms   +$.50 each

Black Bean Burger   $6.00

Veggie, black beans, secret spices, romaine, tomato on Kaiser roll

Veggie Burger   $6.00

House-made "burger" created with potatoes, spinach, haricots vert, onion, peppers and spices served with lettuce and tomato
With cheese   $7.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich   $8.00

"Low and slow" cooked pork shoulder served with house-made coleslaw and dill pickles on a brioche roll, house barbecue sauce on the side


Daily Pasta   $12.00

Served with choice of freshly prepared pesto, primavera or tomato sauce

P.E.I. Mussels   $10.50

Sautéed in onions, garlic, tarragon & white wine with garlic toast wedges

Sea Scallops   $15.50

Pan seared sea scallops, garlic butter, roasted fingerling potatoes and vegetable

Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto   $12.00

Classic Arborio rice risotto bianco with sautéed shrimp and fresh asparagus

Latin Pork and Beans   $12.50

Country pork rib braised in Latin spices, red beans, cilantro with rice

Zoila's Braised Lamb Shank   $17.00

Australian lamb shank slow-braised with herbs & Roma tomatoes, served with sautéed, shaved brussel sprouts, horseradish mashed potatoes and green salad

Organic Chicken   $14.50

Pan roasted half chicken, parsnips, carrots, baby fingerling potatoes

Meatloaf   $13.50

Pork veal married with fresh herbs, slow-baked to juicy perfection served over mashed potatoes and haricots vert

Fish of the Day   $12.50

Our freshest catch, pan sautéed, season's vegetables, fresh herbs served with choice of rice, French fries, mashed or baked potato

Rib Eye Steak   $15.50

10oz 100% Choice Angus beef, baked potato, stewed string beans served with choice of rice, French fries, mashed or baked potato
14oz   $19.50

Our Latin Favorites
All Latin entrées are served with a green salad

ChoFan   $9.00

Deeply flavored Dominican rice with garlic, carrots, onion, smoked pork

Carne de Res Guisadao   $8.00/$12.00

Dominican-style stewed beef chunks of Angus sirloin, onions, Latin spices marinated with red wine and served on a corn tortilla

Mofongo con chicharron   $9.00

cooked green plantains mashed with garlic and spices then mixed with your choice of meat and served "volcano" style

Mofongo con carne de res (stewed beef)   $12.50

Mofongo con pernil(roasted pork)   $12.00

Mofongo con camarones (shrimp or fish)   $14.00

Pollo al Horno con Arroz y Habichuelas   $9.00

Rice and beans with oven-roasted chicken

Chicharrones de pollo con fritos verdes   $10.00

Chicken (dark meat) coated with Zoila's special batter then fried and served with fried green plantains tostones

Moro de gandules con pernil   $11.00

Traditional rice cooked with pigeon peas, served with tender pork, slow-roasted with traditional Latin seasonings

Sancocho de 4 carnes (pollo, gallina, res y puerco)   $12.00

A hearty "four meat" stew of chicken, specially aged hen, beef and pork (Sancocho is the ultimate Dominican comfort food)

Moro de habichuelas negras con carne de res guisado   $12.00

Rice cooked with black beans, served with Dominican-style beef stewed in red wine sauce

Sopa Marinera   $11.00

White seafood soup swimming with shrimp, calamari, mussels, octopus and fish, served with a side of white rice



Arroz blanco (white rice)   $2.00

House-Cut Parmesan Truffle Fries   $6.00

Stewed green beans, bacon, onion   $4.00

Grilled Vegetables   $4.00

Dominican Red Beans and Rice   $4.00

Kickin Cajun Fries   $5.00

Fresh Cut Fries   $3.00